Multi-Modal Algorithm

Algorithm of multimodal feature fusion and comparison, including iris and face fusion, finger vein and fingerprint fusion

The multimodal biometric fusion scheme has strong universality and mobility, and is suitable for the fusion of data, features, scores and strategies. Based on the core biometric  algorithm,  the scheme builds core functions such as multi-modal data perception, multi-dimensional  data deduction, intelligent feedback decision-making, data security sharing, AI engineering production, and provides service support for various business scenarios; adopts cloud native architecture to realize safe and convenient unified authentication and lightweight management.

Fingerprint and Finger Vein Fusion Algorithm 

Fingerprint and finger vein multimodal recognition algorithm can well solve the shortcomings of recognition using fingerprint or finger vein recognition singly, like incomplete imaging caused by fingerprint damage or unclear finger vein image caused by anemia. The algorithm responds on millisecond level and the accuracy rate is above 99.5%.

Face and Iris Recognition Fusion Algorithm


The multi-modal algorithm of human face and iris  is imperceptible  and has high accuracy.  It can be applied to automatic correction machine to collect iris images with fast response and accuracy rate which is above 99.5%.
  Multimodal fusion technology, using the Eyecool original face and iris fusion algorithm, is suitable for applications in finance, military, public security, security, parks, education, social security, coal mining and other industries.