Fingerprint Algorithm

Algorithm of fingerprint quality detection, fingerprint template extraction and fingerprint comparison

Fingerprint refers to the uneven lines on the front skin of the end  of the  finger.  This section of lines contains a lot of feature information, such as the overall features  like lines shape,  pattern area, core point, triangle point and number of lines; detailed features like endpoints, breakpoints, bifurcation points, triangle points, core point. Fingerprint recognition is to identify a person's identity by relying on overall features and detailed features. It is suitable for identity verification appli-cation scenarios such as finance, public security, military, office, business and so on.


Large Number of Applications Quick Response
50 billion(person-time) applications

Millisecond level response, and the accuracy rate is above 99%.

NIST MINEX lll FBI PIV and STQC Certifications
Compatible with NIST MINEX lll Standards.

Related devices have passed testing and obtained certifications of
FBI PIV in USA and STQC in India.