Binocular Iris Collector TCI322

TCI322 is an image acquisition device that meets the technical requirements of public security criminal investigation. It adopts the structural design of binoculars, which is easy to use, ergonomic and suitable for all kinds of people.
Binocular Iris Collector

TCI322 is a binocular iris image acquisition biometric device that meets the technical requirements of public security criminal investigation. It adopts the structural design of binoculars, which is easy to use and ergonomic, and is suitable for all kinds of people. Support USB interface, which can meet the secondary development needs of different users.


The  product adopts the structural design of binoculars, which perfectly shields the influence of external light, and can be used in both indoors and outdoors environments.


Precise and Convenient Good Iris Image Quality
The product supports both iris acquisition and recognition, can realize
user identity verification within 1 second.

The iris image quality meets the technical requirements of criminal
Friendly Interaction Complete Certifications
The device is portable, ergonomic, easy to use, and supports user auth-
ority management.
The product has obtained various international certifications such as
CE, RoHS and FCC.

Passed India STQC test and obtained the certification.
Integrated into MOSIP biometric ecological platform.


Boot Time < 1s
Working Voltage DC 5V(±5%)
Power Waste Standby 0.2w, working 2.25w
Size 220mm×160mm×65mm (length×width×height)
Installation Mode Drive free
Weight About 450g
USB Cable Length 1.5 Meters (can be customized)
Product Functions Working Mode Handheld Binocular iris Scanner
Basic Function Iris acquisition, iris auto capture, iris split, iris image quality check, anti-dilation, image finding and stabilization
Fixed distance between iris and camera
Visor Protect eye from sunlight
Work Distance 0cm-1cm (distance from eyes to eye mask)
Performance Metrics Capture Time
< 1s
IPD 38-80mm
Images Per Second 30fps
Device Resolving Power
Iris Capture Resolution
20pixel/mm (508ppi)
Spatial Resolution > 60% @ 4.0Lp/mm
Gray Level
256 grades
Gray Level Utilization Rate
6 bits
Contrast between Iris and Pupil
Contrast between Iris and Sclera
Proportion of Iris Effective Area
Capture Volume 28mm x 20mm x12mm
Illumination 810nm
Security for Eyes
Comply with IEC62471, GB/T 20145-2006
Communication Mode Port USB 2.0
Compatibility Operating System
SDK for 32 / 64 bit Windows, Linux, Android
Environmental Adaptability Work Temperature
Relative Humidity
Data Standard ISO/IEC 19794-6
IP Rating IP54
Handling  ISTA 2A Shipping and Handling Specification
Certifications CE, RoHS, FCC
Electrostatic Discharge Immunity
GB/T 17626.2-2006 grade 2
Radio Frequency Electromagnetic Field Radiation Immunity
GB/T 17626.3-2006 grade 2


Criminal Investigation
Iris capture and verification of suspects and prison personnel.
Iris collection, deduplication and identification of legal voters in election scenario.
Biometric Database Construction
Iris biometric feature collection and deduplication of all the people in the country or province. The database can be accessed and synchronized with the other systems such as border control, criminal, etc.


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