The traditional registration method has some problems, such as user information fraud, fake registration, etc.

It is impossible to screen out criminals through scientific and technological means to reduce potential safety hazards.

Insufficient information verification procedure for SIM card copy and replacement results in security risk.

Multiple subscriptions and fraudulent subscriptions of services result in property losses.

It is difficult to register SIM cards in remote areas and cannot prevent the black market of SIM cards

When individuals or organizations need to subscribe to services, they must fill in the same information registration repeatedly, resulting in serious repeated waste.

The data collected by various operators cannot be managed uniformly, forming a data island.


The solution supports users to collect biometric information in business halls or remote areas.
If the country or region has a national biometric database, the telecom biometric database can be connected with the national biometric database and synchronize the basic data of SIM cards.

Apply for SIM Card Or Collect Information in The Business Hall
STEP 1 Users provide certificates for registration or identity verification.

STEP 2 Biometric information collection devices are used in the business halls to collect users' fingerprints, faces, irises and other biometric features.

STEP 3 Upload biometric information to the telecom biometric database, and use the unified biometric management platform to check data duplication.

STEP 4 If duplicate biometric information is found, confirm and update the personnel information in biometric database; if no duplicate biometric information is found, bind the biometric information with SIM card information and basic personnel information, store data into the telecom biometric database, and issue the SIM card.

Apply for SIM Card Or Collect Information in Remote Area
Due to the frequent problems of signal shortage and power shortage in remote areas, it is impossible to collect normally as in business hall.
Therefore, it is necessary to carry out devices that can ensure normal offline collection.
STEP 1 Users provide the identity certificate, and the staff records the identity information.

STEP 2 Use biometric information collection devices to collect users' biometrics such as fingerprints, faces and irises offline, and save the biometric data into the device.

STEP 3 Synchronize the biometric data collected offline to the machine, upload them to the telecom biometric database, and use the biometric unified management platform to check the data duplication.

If duplicate biometric information is found, mark the corresponding information in the system and confirm with the user later; if no duplicate biometric information is found and the identity information is verified, bind the biometric information with SIM card information and basic personnel information, store data into the telecom biometric database, and issue the SIM card.


Multi-Modal Fusion Technology

Based on the core biometric technology-face, iris, fingerprint, finger vein and multimodal algorithm, Eyecool Technology created and provided the service of multimodal fusion recognition algorithm, effectively improving the applicability of biometric technology to different people and different scenes.

Information Security Management

For SIM card business, operators synchronize data to the telecommunications administration in real time from acquisition and comparison, verification to result feedback, so as to ensure the timely reporting of data in various regions, avoid data tampering, destruction due to late reporting, and the data is stored in the state-owned information database, ensuring the privacy and security of the data.

Business Closed-Loop Management

Relying on core biometric algorithms, from biometric devices to biometric information service capability platform, Eyecool opens standardized interfaces, supporting third-party rapid access, providing professional services, maintenance and support, and realizing the overall solution of end-to-end integrated closed-loop business.

Solve Data Islands

For SIM card registration and management, relevant data are reported to the national telecommunication biometric database in real time, which can be connected with the national biometric database. As a biometric capability provider, we connect the preceding and the following. The upstream realizes real-time data reporting, and the downstream realizes standardized capability interface, realizing the upstream and downstream information exchange, and solving the problem of data island

Data Analysis and Prediction

The future of SIM card registration management is not only information registration, but also management and security. Criminals can be avoided effectively through information-based means, big data analysis, and SIM card biometric registration. Registration of biometric information can expand the docking of other national businesses, and provide auxiliary decision-making for national security development through the intelligent analysis and prediction of national important business data.

Reduce Safety Hazards

Support international and remote SIM registration. Fight against theft, crime and terrorism. Crack down on illegally imported equipment. Protect the safety of people's lives and property. Comply with local regulations and regulatory requirements.


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Dual Mode Face Recognition Device TCF232G

Dual Camera Intelligent Face Tracking and Recognition Device ECF111

Optical Fingerprint Reader TCO310

Binocular Iris Recognition Device ECI351

Binocular Iris Collector TCI322

Multi-Modal Face & Iris Integrated Recognition Device ECX101

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