Founded in 1997, Eyecool Technology (formerly Techshino) focuses on the R & D, application and service of multi-modal biometric technology and products. It owns in-house developed single algorithms ranging from fingerprint, face, iris, finger vein to multi-modal biometric algorithm including face and iris fusion, fingerprint and finger vein fusion. Eyecool Technology is committed to provide enhanced digital identity authentication and management for high-security, high-privacy and big database scenario application.


Face Algorithm - LFW

Fingerprint Algorithm - NIST : MINEX lll

Iris Algorithm -

The face recognition algorithm of Eyecool won the second place in the LFW international competition. The fingerprint algorithm has passed NIST: MINEX lll compatibility tests. Iris algorithm ranked among the top three in the world and first in China in NIST iris algorithm competition in 2021.



With 25+ years development, Eyecool Technology accumulated more than 400 patents and participated in the formulation and revision of 82 national/industry biometric application standards, and the core technology won the second place of the National Science and Technology Invention Award.

The fingerprint recognition algorithm and scanners were listed into the recommended list of application algorithms and equipment by the Ministry of Public Security for resident identity card related application, in domestic market. Fingerprint algorithm passed the compatibility test of NIST MINEXIII. Related fingerprint scanner passed FBI PIV, FIPS 201 and STQC. The face recognition algorithm of Eyecool won the second place in LFW, an international face algorithm evaluation competition. And the latest iris recognition algorithm ranked in 3rd place in the NIST IREX 10, an international iris algorithm evaluation held by National Institute of Standards and Technology in America. It also won the second place in the international iris recognition algorithm open competition (NICE: II) in 2009. A variety of iris scanners are STQC-certificated.



Eyecool Technology provides a whole set of biometric technology, products and services ranging from algorithm, SDK, unified platform, application software, to intelligent terminals. Until now, it has already served more than 2000 customers worldwide, covering finance, public security, government, military, education, civil aviation, enterprises and institutions etc. In financial sector, Eyecool Technology delivered its products and service to more than 150 banks across China with 180,000 outlets and its market share reaches 80% in biometric application. In addition, Eyecool Technology’s products are widely used in more than 100 colleges and universities, 20+ provinces and cities public security.


As early as 2012, Eyecool Technology has actively worked overseas markets, established three subsidiaries in Netherlands, United States and India to develop Europe, America and Asia market.  At present, Eyecool Technology has established cooperative relations with many partners in the world, providing biometric authentication products and services for more than 20 countries.


In the election projects of Nigeria and Democratic Republic of the Congo, Eyecool Technology provided fingerprint and iris intelligent terminal device for local government to verify votes and avoid repeated voting, ensuring the fairness of the election. In Indonesia, the Philippines, the Netherlands, Turkey and many other countries, Eyecool Technology has introduced biometric technology and integrated platforms into medical, transportation, social security, government affairs and other business systems to improve the accuracy and efficiency of identity verification and realize scientific and accurate intelligent identity management. 


The company attaches great importance to the construction and protection of overseas intellectual property system. It has realized an all-round layout in terms of trademarks, patents and copyrights. The company has applied for trademark protection in more than 40 countries, applied for patent protection in nearly 200 countries through PCT, and obtained more than 100 intellectual property rights protection.